Interpreting & Translation

KTS is focused on providing language services & specialized in providing translation & interpreting services for any sepecific subject of work that you would struggle to deal with because of your language barriers. We will break these obsticles and support your language requirements to communicate your messages in the best way possible when you choose to use us as your language service provider. The need of using a qualified and experienced interpreter is not only crusial in terms of quality and accuracy but also is your need to be equiped with a strong communication skill in all variety of languages within any work environment that you focus to succeed.              


KTS will provide interpreters & translators whom are members of organizations that are nationally and internationally recognised as professional associations throughout the world such as: UK Chartered Institute Of Linguists "CIOL" & National Register of Public Service Interpreters "NRPSI".


KTS offers interpreting, translation, localization, editting, subtitling, voice over services in any subjects anywhere worldwide.

KTS is a higly skilled agency in providing experienced & qualified interpreters as having worked in the field for many years. The company's positive feedback from excellent service users had increased our work offers from other new users.

KTS has a dedicated team of interpreters and translators whom are able to deal with your interpreting & translation queries effectively in any subjects anywhere worldwide.

KTS registered interpreters and translators are punctual, talented, professional, skilled, impartial, competent, experienced and reliable. 

Quality of Interpreting & Translation

KTS committed to consistently meeting the highest standards of quality of work demonstrating a continuous process of improvements and service enhancements. Firm's Quality  Management System is in line with the most recognized international standards and our services are provided in accordance with the industry’s best practices and its customer expectations.

KTS improved services with new terms and conditions required for interpreting and translation assignments and it has trained all interpreters and translators to conduct professionally in line with the code of conduct which is published by the regulator body.             

Working Hours

KTS provides interpreting and translation services anywhere in the UK and abroad at anytime. If you would like to get a quote for your  interpreting and translation jobs please contact us via our website phone or email address. 


Face to face Interpreting,Telephone Interpreting & Conference Interpreting.

Legal Translations, Certified, Authorised & Stamped Translations.

Proofreading, Editing, Sub-editing, Voice Over, Localisation &             Sub-titling.



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           Registered Office for England and Wales
                      Company Number: 8747525

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