Face to Face Interpreting  Telephone Interpreting     Conference Interpreting  Legal  Translation  Certified  Translation  Stamped Tanslation   Proofreading  Editing  Sub-editing Dubbing  Voice overs   Subtitling &  Localisation.


  • Kurdish (all dialects) into English & the opposite.
  • Arabic (all dialects) into English & the opposite.

  • Work Places

  • HM Courts, Police Stations, Law Firms, Social Services, National Probation Services, International Organizations, Academic Institutions, Housing Associations, NHS Hospitals & Clinics, International Conferences, Media Channels, ......etc.

  • Specialization:

  • Legal, Medical, Marketing, Property, Education, Accounting, Engineering, Motoring, Industrial, Insurance, Business, Technical, Contracts, Software, Computer, Media,...etc.

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